Activity Awards

In the finals, there will be one first prize, four second prizes and seven third prizes. The winning projects that can realize the landing transformation within a year in Jianggan District will receive governmental funding of RMB10 million, RMB5 million and RMB3 million respectively from the “Hundred Talents Program” in Jianggan District, and the outstanding ones will receive funding of RMB15 million. Eighteen winners of the prize will receive RMB1 million in government funding for the “Hundred Talents Program” in Jianggan District to realize the landing transformation within a year. All the winning projects that realize the landing transformation in line with the related requirements can also enjoy the full discount interest of up to RMB15 million of bank loans within three years according to corresponding categories in “Hundred Talents Program”, 50% rental subsidy of up to 1500 square meters office room (applied to enterprise scientific research, production or operations) for three consecutive years, and up to RMB 800,000 annual subsidy.

Bole Award

Venture capital institutions and intermediary agencies are encouraged to actively recommend excellent projects for the contest. For all prize-winning projects that are required to realize the landing transformation in Jianggan District, the institution shall be awarded the Bole Award of RMB 50,000, RMB 30,000, RMB 20,000 with the first, second and third prizes respectively.

Other Support

For all the projects that are qualified for the quarter-final and realize the landing transformation in the Jianggan District within a year, it is recommended to apply for the loan from the “Qianjiang Era” Creditor's Rights Fund to obtain the financing support lower than the market price; Enjoy the relevant services support, including contact system, regular return visits to projects, science and technology services support, personnel services support, financing services support.

Enterprises and projects that have already enjoyed the same policies shall not enjoy them repeatedly.

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